Win7 says "Cant allocate audio buffer" when trying to bounce down track, why!?!

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Dear Anyone.

OK, I'm here because you guys know your software stuff better tha n other sites, so HOPEFULLY can help!

I'm a disabled guy who loves writing music on my PC. I use a notation program, QSE Level 2 (Quick Score Elite by Sionsoft) and various plugins (mainly soundfonts and Edirol Orchestral, Sylenth, Korg Legacy Series, mainly presets cos I'm not clever envough to design sounds from scratch yet.) Anyway, I could use up to 8 VSTs in XP with QSE, no probs., up to 4 effects plugins per VST, again no probs.

If I load up 7 VSTs in Win 7, I instantly get "Can't Allocate Audio Buffer" when trying to save the track and it won't save it, I just get empty soundfiles, they're the right length, there's just no sound in them. Now I don't THINK this is a QSE prob. because Audacity won't record streaming sound properly in Win7 either, you get a file full of wiggles (he says in his best geekspeak!) but you can't hear anything when you press playback. If you restart Audacity THEN put the file back in you hear something SOMETIMES but it's twisted and warped, like on a very old and damaged audio cassette.

Now I've been told there IS a difference with Win7 and audio but I don't understand it. I'm not bad with computers but I can't find anyone to explain what Win7 does that XP doesn't do (or the other way around!) Please, can someone tell me any ideas WHY recording doesn't work as easily in 7 as with XP, is it a security thing Microsoft have put in or something, I dunno. I just know I'm having to go back to XP just so I can actually finish a few tunes (they're not good but they're mine own!)

Cheeky last question which I wouldn't ask on any other site, and if a mod. wants to edit it out they're welcome to - I suppose nobody knows where any version of Sonar that works on 7/XP might be lying around feeling unwanted? It's the only bigger DAW I even sorta understand (QSE's great but I know it's limited. It's just Cubase terrifies the c**p outta me!) (Puts helmet on and waits for mods to start chucking things at him!)

Yours respectfully