Boot Camp

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Bootcamp outline

90 days


20 day intro
40 day training
30 day testing

join webite
5-10 days in recruitment
10-19 understanding, documents journals, our ideals
Required Readings for Recruits.
Possible Order

20-29 unix intro
Can use Basic Linux Commands as a study aid.

common commands

basic folder storage
30-39 code intro
umm where the hell did this come from? great begining
basic unix languages
programing apps

40-49 tools intro
network pen test tools for each
social pen test tools for each

50-59 vun intro
using pre made vun
making vun
i like fuzzing basics seems to be a nice way to see about vunerablilitys recon
these could go either way, not sure what first yet
I think this knowlage should go with Vunerabilites but? who knows

60-69 server pen network
Question on test lap enviorment
need server specs

70-79 social pen
80-90 challange

How many hours do we get per week?

What is life with out a little KAOS?