Ancient Alienware and Linux Issues

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Greetings! First, a little background about my project and then on with the issues. To begin, I'm obsessed with anonymity and security. My current, most sought after project is to build a network that is as bulletproof as I can achieve with the resources at my disposal. To that end, I've decided to create a dedicated server for operating my own VPN loosely following a guide I've found on blackmoreops. The issue I've encountered appears to be machine based. I'm attempting to use an old alienware m5700i-R2 that is beyond it's useful life with the exception of lightweight linux projects. I've tried multiple distros and they all either a) fail to boot or b) boot, install, and then leave me with no access to wireless devices (in the case of weakerth4n). I've tried both 32bit and 64bit distros to no avail and seem to be at an impasse. At this point any and all advice would be welcome. Thanks in advance and happy hunting!

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