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So I've decided that out of the box routers are no longer sufficient for my needs and I suspect they never again will be. With that said, I have a multiple part question. I'm vaguely familiar with DD-WRT and the myriad of variations out there and I feel I'm competent enough to flash a router and tweak it to my preferences. My first question: What router would you, the community at large recommend for building a remote repeater? To elaborate, I would like a router that when flashed supports a repeat function, similar to the WRT54-*. I would prefer models with extra RAM onboard to support future upgrades, but this isn't essential. I would like a model that could easily (read: won't cause me to rage quit) be converted over to a solar power-source. Preferably a model with a decent range before I begin antenna modifications. My second question: What router would you, the community at large recommend for creating a locked-down home network? Here is where I want models with shit-tons of RAM to support additional features and upgrades. PoE may be something I consider at some point so having that as an option is a plus. Ability to add an on board SD expansion slot/heat sink/cooling fan are a must for this device. Would prefer a device with an integrated USB port for NAS support, but it is not required so long as I can perform that mod myself at a later date. I look forward to hearing what gear is preferred here!


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