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As some of you may know, I have been gone for sometime. I will not publicly discuss the why, but those who need to know have been notified of the why. I would like to thank my Sx brothers for welcoming me back with open arms. On another note, one of the areas I will be focusing on is the VIP section. Things like getting more content added, so requests are welcomed and encouraged. I have a few details to work out with the high council on this issue, so it might take a few days. If you don't have VIP access, I suggest you get it, the donations help maintain SOLDIERX. We don't pocket the profits. This money goes right into SX. The more everyone helps out, the better stuff we can give to you. That is not to say the content on the forums will not be focused on. I'm going to cover that area as well. So no fears, but VIP requests will take priority.