Call Forwarding in absentia.....

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Hello, good people.
Since I have a Google handicap at the moment, (i.e. "phone phreak" is pulling up jack)
I was wondering if any kind soul might hook me up with some key terms I could use to search for more relevant information on the topic.
As a hypothetical situation, let's say there is a phone somewhere to which I have no physical access. This is a land-line phone, possibly VIOP.
When a caller calls this phone, I want MY phone to ring, and not the hijacked one.
This only needs to work for a few seconds.
Okay so thinking about that hypothetical situation, what terms might one suggest I Google?

And PLEASE, GOD: let me have just ONE smart-ass who says for me to Google USC 18 SS 1029.....

This is all my own stuff. But I have to pretend it isn't.