AIX / IBM lunix (OLD skool) Help?

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Anybody familiar with running a boot disk on such system or repair? I have an old 15+ years decommission'd server that has some important records in it. I took over the practice from a gentleman that was retiring. He left me no notes, no back up and now will not return my calls because he says that he enjoys being retired :/. So hence my conundrum, had it been my server I would have made images. The unix/linux version of aix seems a bit proprietary and I am not familiar with such a system. I have reached out to a few of my Linux guys but they are uncertain if said device @ its age is even capable of usb boot and /or if the database is in clear text or some IBM format. Any input would be fantastic. In fact the administration is even open to compensating individuals that can assist in resurrection. Also as a side not it is dropping errors that SVCMSTR is already active and ERROR: svcmstr is now refusing connections. Hence it will ping but all other communications such as Telnet are giving me the middle finger. Thanks for your consideration.

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