Hacking Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

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I've been trying to locate a hack so I can get unlimited lapis and gil when playing this game. There seems to be numerous options out there but they all end the same way for me. It requires some kind of "human verification" which entails me signing up for something or downloading a game to make the hack start. I have attermpted this process numerous times without it ever working. Even watched a video of someone else doing and replicated it, with it still not working. I did finally get a file that says its the hack for it but it is encrypted and to get the key I have to do an offer/survey thing of course. Did attempt to crack the password of that winzip file but my computer program never did turn one up, other than it saying the pw was just a "!", which didn't work.
Can anyone help me locate this download???????? Please any advice appreciated. Thank you.