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I fragged one of my Big Drives and though I was able to recover 99.9999% of it, I am unable to recover/find a backup for TFHL.
The damn thing fits on a floppy, for Christsakes! Of ALL the 2TB of data that was lost, THIS is the thing which is irrevocable!
All I need is a build source or something similar.....I DO have the old checksums, etc.

P.S.: I want this for archival purposes only....I am aware of the later THL and I already have that.

P.P.S.: If anyone wants any version of Whax, Knoppix, Auditor or Backtrack x.x, let me know.
In fact, if you want any piece of hacking-type software from any point over the last 30 years, regardless of platform or country of origin, there's a good chance I have what you need.

From old demoscene code (which is also available on pouet.net)to the latest software/scripts/OS's and plugins, I've probably got it.

Anyway; original TFHL, plz....if anyone has it.