Jonathan Mancinelli aka PhishShticks from The Chubb Institute is a scammer

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Unfortunately we had another guy try to scam VIP again today via chargeback. As we always do, and to serve as a warning to others - we are releasing information regarding the fraud to help others not get scammed by this guy.

Jonathan Mancinelli
[email protected]

He donates $40 over for VIP and immediately starts being pushy about his access. This is always a red flag for us, so I tell Blake to double check anything with paypal regarding this guy's donation. Low and behold, there's a hold on the funds as Mr. Mancinelli reported to paypal shortly after donating that the payment was made without the account holder's permission. Meanwhile, the guy is hitting us up demanding VIP. I told the guy if he couldn't be patient, we could just send him a refund. Looks like he thought he could scam us for free VIP.

Not on my watch. Congrats Jonathan Mancinelli, you've received a site ban for being a scumbag. I can't believe The Chubb Institute contains fraudsters, doesn't sound like a place I'd want to do business with or attend.

Watch out for this guy:

*UPDATE* A few former students have found this post and contacted me to let me know that The Chubb Institute is indeed quite fraudulent itself. Some links provided were and I guess that I shouldn't be surprised that one of their own thought that he could scam us. One of the students from the NJ area also said they thought he was a student and not an employee. Maybe they're the ones that taught him the art of the scam?