Am I going crazy or is this all just coincidence?

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I'm brand new to the hacking world, but have always been very intrigued by the aspect of it. I was talking to, what I thought was a pretty close family member (ended sleeping with my gf so apparently not that close) and he was telling me about all the hacks that he's done and he can do this and he can do that, blah blahblah. Well anyways I end upconeecting to his internet and right in front of me (he uses his 50" TV as his monitor) he starts messing with the site that has all the information about his router, and an app called Kodi. I notice my IP address go into a line and all the sudden my devioce's screen turns black and then comes back on. I immediately got the feeling something was wrong so I turned on airplane mode. (which was what I always heard you should do if you think you're device has been compromised).

Now at this point, he seems to be getting frustrated like something's wrong and I ask him, "What's going on man? Everything alright?"

without even looking he said "It will be. It's just acting difficult."

He filled out a few more areas on the router site, jumped over to Kodi and tried to say something about some movie and when he clicked on it my device turned to a blue screen that was some sort of warning and then he clicked on another title and my home screen came back on. But when it did there was something off about it. The font was noticeably smaller and everything seemed blurry, like it was out of focus.

I asked him fla out if he really just F*****G did that to me. So he played stupid and said,"What? I don't know what you're talking about. I don't know how to hack man. I was just trying to show you some movies." Then he kept insisting that if I thought I had hacked him that the only way to fix it would be to restart my device. I'm not an idiot everyone knows that to finsh an install of any program the final step it to reboot.

I've tried to do as much research that I can and the only thing that I can come up with is backdoor through a DNS server. I've tried to the whole cmd prompt "C://>netstat -anon" and yeah it gives me a shitload of info but you might as well put a book in Mandarin Chinese in front of me cause I sure as hell didn't know what I was looking for, and even when I read to look for ports that are listening (which I do have) what the hell do I do with that information? Since then when I've had unrecognized logins on my social media accounts, and I'll try and look up the IP address they gave me (cmd prompt "C;//>nslookup insert asshole's IPhere) it just says domain doesn't exist.

I just want to know if this is all possible, or if I'm just some paranoid SOB that's going crazy. If anyone could give me any insight to this please for the love of all that is Tom Cruise, tell me I'm not as crazy as this whole scenario sounds.

Just saying though, if this is a possibility and it did happen the motivation this shit storm has brewed up in me has me wanting to unkleash a holy hell of JS,C++,HTML, all over their faces. This happened a few weeks ago and I've been doing nothing but starting at the basics. So far I've got the basics of JavaScript, Python, Html/HTML5, C++/C# and working PhP right now. So please tell me that I've got the go a head to prepare my self for this coded fury I want to unleash.

Sorry for the rant, but for f***'s sake I need to feel like I'm not crazy. lol. And if any of you more experienced blackhatters wanna take an inspired nerd under their wing, I'm definitely game.

End rant.....(mic drop)