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Hey SX Crew,
New Project 2Face will be my first program I’ll be making and posting here. Od0 will be working with me as well. This will be a full featured program that might take me some time but I will execute and get it done. The idea of it is a little bit of a Good and Bad side to the program. Browsing the forum, I came across Agent Steal and liked what it did so I want to start my programming path from the basics and lead towards that. With that being said in order for you to go bad you have to know what’s good. So here is projection feature list. (I’m new to python so be patient with me along with this journey.)
This will have A Nice Display GUI..
Computer Details
Pull Basic Details about the computer (Device name, Serial#, Model #, Ram etc..)
Display User List (Option to remove account &/ PW)
Pull up IP Details (Like a IPConfig display) option to execute different commands within/program
Open Port Scanner Display output Display current devices on current network and the IP address
Option to Save/Print/Email ( Pre-configure an account to send in BG)
Grabber (Nirosoft programs)
Pull Browser bookmarks (back-up/remove all)
PW's/Login in details from browsers
Pull Product Key's
Pull Mail Account details from mail app if installed
Option to save/print/email
Setup something to view packet loss like WinMTR on current connection
Setup options for running (.bat files)
Something like the ATF Cleaner
create and have some preloaded to do different things
clean temp files
erase known folders from viruses and malware etc..
Pull up CMD with Admin Priv
Diskpart Commands
Launch Calculator
Launch Snipping tool
Take a screen shot and save to specific folder
Take a screen shot of current window
This program will be great for the Computer Repair Tech that wants a simple tool to gather info and store it fairly quickly and save and move on to the next Project as well as additional features… Welcome for all feedback. Thank you!