All TFU updates failing (MRI v5.0.3.0 Cracked) (SOLVED)

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Whereas the TFU was working perfectly fine yesterday, today it refuses to do any updates at all. I am using MRI v5.0.3.0 cracked by a SOLDIERX member. I am connected to the internet and other antivirus applications I have are updating fine. Every time I try to run TFU, it flashes and goes straight to the "Download Settings" window with the buttons saying "Skip" or "Retry" and the download bars showing 0%. I managed to read the text from the quick flashes and it says "0 new additional updates parsed from update lists", and for the next 4 definition files it says "Failed" and after that it says "Could not gather file information for any remote files, please check your internet connection".

I would love to know if this is not a local problem and if it is happening to more people. I know that people commenting on the MRI torrents at Demonoid have also said that the MRI fails to update. I have tried MRI version and and both have given the same results. Also, attempting to manually update the Webroot/Geek Squad System Analyzer gives me the message "Cannot access the Webroot Server. Please try again later."

Hopefully this is some brief failure on the part of Geek Squad update lists or something, and not a new mechanism to prevent unwanted MRI distribution.