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Alright, lets do this. Here's the thing. I can sit online all night long, and read reviews from other people on cnet/, and download, try and delete every program online, but this is much much easier. I want to know the opinion, of EVERYONE, who would like to put it down. Please tell me your take on Anti-Virus, Spyware, Diag tools, and so forth so on. I know there's a lot, AND I MEAN A LOT, of controversy over whats the best this, whats the best that, but we are a hacker/computer geek COMMUNITY! WE of all people should be using the best practices, and the best utilities. Also I'd like for you to share what YOU use, how you use it, and why. I want this to be an awesome debate, so please no flaming, but lets argue this out until we come to a conclusion of whats best, or close to the best. And a lot of us don't have a shit load of money, so LETS KEEP IT CHEEP!! heh.

I'll share what I use. For anti-virus, I've always heard that its best to only have one anti-virus, please argue this if it isn't true, but I currently use the Avast anti-virus. It updates itself, audio tells you that its updated, and is completely free, all you need to do for the pro version is register and they will send you a key every year. Also, it will kill your connection to a web page if it attempts to infect you via http, its constantly scanning, and can scan your computer before the OS loads, but after the POST. I'm very happy with it, and have really never had an issue. Again, if i'm wrong about anything please tell me, and correct this sinful life i'm living Wink. For spyware, I've always used that spybot search and destroy. Its easy, has lots of good reviews and awards, and I've never heard the bad things I usually hear about the other spyware programs about spybot. And as far as diagnostics programs, I really like Tune up utilities, MRI (thank you RaT) WITH agent tweeks, and I use a variety of computer stress utilities.

I'm really excited to hear everyones opinion about this so please, even if its a few lines like "Use this, its better because this", I'd like to hear it. Its really upsetting to me to know at one point this place use to be so jumping with people, that you could literately (gaw I hope I wasn't the only one doing this but) refresh the screen after each post, and there would be new posts that fast. I want that again. Thanks a lot.