Call of Duty World At War bugs

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Hey everyone. I have been practicing up on game analysis and have found a bug in Call of duty World at War which I have successfully exploited to obtain a nice camping/sniping spot. This bug is located on the map Dome where the statues outside are. There are videos on youtube about this however I found this bug on my own before I even searched around on youtube.

Pretty much the bug allows you to get on top of the planks that surround the top of the statue. The statue has an invisible barrier all around the top of it. The only problem is, there is a small hole in that barrier, which if you jump into it correctly you can get on top of the statue. In order to do this you must first stand on the concrete ledge near by. You must then run and jump into the wall maybe around, oh, lets say around a game foot to the right of the ledge of the statue. I have tried this multiple times once found and have managed to do this successfully in under a minute.

here is a youtube video of the glitch (which I found after I found the glitch):

There is are always a way around a problem, the true problem however is that you have to find it