Hacking Documentaries

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Hey you guys remember all those documentaries about "hackers" and stuff, like there were 2 on tlc, one was TLC Hackers: Outlaws & Angels, and the other one was like TLC Hackers: Computer Outlaws? I was crawlin' the web just messing around trying to find some of these old videos, and i came across a badass torrent, i'll make a link.


Anyways, does anyone know anything about this? because i had no idea this was even out. It says its from the 2600 mag, so i'm intrigued. I looked at what the torrent intails, and it looks really interesting. and hell it has ADAM SAVAGE IN IT!! heh, everyone loves mythbusters. But on another note, does anyone know where to get some of these old documentaries? i'd like to have em. Lemme know.