History with Soldier X & Hack3r

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So much has happened in 10+ years. I feel like we should reflect on
what has happened in the past along with the present.
I have seen many faces of Soldier X.com and I still remember most. I
also remember Hack3r and how fun & informative it was in it's prime. These 2
community's are of a special breed of mindset who have also evolved closer to
there own personal legends. We have seen deaths (RIP EPIC) We have all
talked and mentor each other separately and together in love, wisdom,
and knowledge. Some of my days used to be filled with late night
playing with the H3k crew on CS and deep conversations full of
knowledge with the soldierx crew. I was once told when I was 10 years old
by a mentor online that if I really wanted to be something and if my
heart and soul were desired on it I would achieve it and set my self on
a path for the rest of my life. 11 years later I can say that I am
walking and living progressively towards my own personal legend now. I did
not know Kyle the way some of the rest of us did but talking with him
showed me a character within him as a leader and someone eager to share knowledge
with others on the other hand he did not walk peacefully nor with wisdom.
Kyle is now facing his own demons and for the most part is facing them alone.
We all forget well maybe not forget but most are ignorant to understanding that we are all
filled with flaws just like the next person. I do not know if anybody is of a sound mind right now
in SX or on this site to realize what this person actions after he was confront were normal
and vary much predictable. Next time investigate your buddy's for yourself, size them with
your intuition and mind. Please feel free to share your stories and encounters through out
the years with HACK3R and Soldier X.

F & A Prodigy X

PS someone get back to me on the new logo designed.