I'm Running Out of Time

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hello everyone. Summer vacation is coming to a close (next week) and school will start back up. I had hoped to learn a lot this summer related to programming and hacking, which I have, but not as much as my expectations I had set for myself. I would love to continue my studies, how ever I also need to get ready for school as well.

I had the counselors place me in some senior and college based classes so that I can be ready for college as soon As I graduate( I am only a junior). The courses I have are algebra2, english3, programming3(c++ which the teacher fails to know how to teach it (oh boy), U.S. History, college level Physics. I also have soccer as well so it looks as though soccer and physics is going to take up most of my time. I also have to work to finish paying off my truck and to take internet courses as well, to make up some courses that I slept threw in 9th grade.

I would love to try to learn things in my programming3 class (I would finish the assignment in the first like 3 min of the class), however, my school district is fricking anal about the computer usage in the school and happens to block about 90% of the web and the only thing we are allowed to insert into the computer would be a flashdrive. IF you were to get caught it would be an automatic suspention and revoked computer privalages through out the entire Moore and Oklahoma city districts.

so any ideas on what I should do?

There is are always a way around a problem, the true problem however is that you have to find it