Intranet Hacking Issue

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Ok here's what i'm trying to do first, then i'll tell you whats going on.

So here's my network, I have a laptop (mine) and a desktop (roommates), connected to a Linksys Wireless Router, and connected to that is our Cable modem. Thats it. My linksys is set up so its wireless connection is encrypted, and I have mac filtering turned on to permit only the Mac addresses I allow on the list. I have on my system (laptop) Eye digital security package, called Blink installed, and my roommate simply has AVG.
Thats it, thats my entire network.

Now what i'm trying to do is, just hack about on my roommates machine. Anything, i just want to test what i learn on it. and everytime i try to ping it from my machine it drops the packets. The addresses are set up like mine is, my roommates machine's is, now from what i understand about networking, because i'm on the INSIDE, i should be able to get to my mates machine. Well i can't. the packets get dropped and I lose every ping.

So i go online to because its easy, and i didnt' want to go get my drive. I came up saying all 1000 Ports that were tryed were filtered, and that, i saw that i had a router/device, but the footprinting was too much so it wasn't SURE, but basically i had one. and it saw just one machine online. One device i should say, just my router. Now if i IP scan my address it SHOULD show 2 hosts, but instead it does not. Is Linksys really making alright secure stuff these days? or am i doing something wrong? Lemme know its bothering the shit outa me.