MRI BDE 5.0.2 custom executable

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Edit 1: This temporary workaround is no longer necessary.
Since there is now a version that does not expire, don't use the ping software and is I think better tested.

Still I find it strange that there is still much to fuss over this project.
With a file where I quickly made some adjustments.

As you can clearly read all of this is for test purposes and temporary use.
So if it does not work you should wait until a version that works for yourself.

Because there was so much demand, I shared this file and made it available to you.
With the aim at using the new MRI BDE immediately.


This file is the MRI executable that I have adapted for educational purpose.
I have only changed the ping mechanism.
MRI is no longer calling home but now to an invalid wally domain.

It works correctly, in my case. (tested)
If you choose to use the program, use it temporarily until rat and/or his soldierx team releases a fully 100 % customized/
tested version.

As you can see below MRI pings not home but to a non-existent domain:

"00000000 06 30 01 00 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 04 70 69 6E .0......
00000010 67 10 77 61 6C 6C 79 77 61 6C 6C 79 77 61 6C 6C g.wallyw allywall
00000020 79 31 03 63 6F 6D 00 00 01 00 01 ... "

What should you do:

1. Copy the content of the zip dir to your HDD;
2. Edit your CD-rom disc "you can use the ultraiso way";
3. Burn or mount;
4. Njoy.

Download link: