A Re-Introduction, of sorts.

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Hello all! I operate under the handle of eyecon, out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I've been an inactive "ghost" of SoldierX for ten years or so now, popping into the forums every now and again to give my two cents on whatever particular topic grabs my attention.

I don't lay claim to the title of hacker, or even programmer; while I'm not a script kiddo douchebag, coding never has quite been my "thing," as it were. I sit more on the philosophical, generally-revolutionary side of things. A "moral supporter," perhaps, or resident paranoiac/conspiracy theorist possibly.

At the risk of having my ass flamed, I originally stumbled upon SoldierX through Portwolf's "The Reason For SoldierX. The Reason For Me" textfile.

Just thought I'd say hello, and make my presence known. Anything you want to know, ask, and if I have a decent enough answer, I'll give one.