VMWare Ubuntu Wireless help.

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alright, well i'm putting this in the linux forum because its linux i'm having issues with. I installed linux ubuntu on VMware on my laptop, and i use an integrated wireless card to connect to the internet. Well i'm having trouble getting a connection at all now that i'm using just my wireless card and i'm away from my router (so i can't connect wired), and i can't remember if the last time i used VMWare if i was able to connect wireless or, if it was when i was wired to my router if its when i used it last. I've checked on the net a bit, and it seems either i get an answer of "its not possible to have a host of windows xp, and a guest of Ubuntu and use the host's wireless card/connectivity" or its the situation where the Host is Ubuntu, and the Guest is windows xp (which is NOT my case). Again, i'm running a Host of Winxp, and a guest of Ubuntu, and i'm not getting any connectivity when i use Ubuntu on VMWare. any help at all would be awesome. thanks guys,