Your ideas for the new bootable disc

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If some of you haven't read my other forum post, my next door neighbor and I are going to be creating our own "MRI" from scratch. I was just wondering what you guys think should be on it. So far, the base things that are of course going to be on it are:
1. File management software of some kind (I was thinking 7-zip)
2. Antivirus software and a batch file to run them all consecutively (just like FACE on the MRI)
3. MBR fix
4. Miscellaneous registry fixes (post different ones you would suggest)
5. Web browser(s) (I was thinking Opera and Firefox)
6. A temp file scanner/cleaner
7. Possibly a file recovery software (Recuva)
8. A boot menu allowing you to choose from various softwares that can be run instead of booting to the AV/Web browsing/etc PE environment.
9. DFT - Drive Fitness Test & other HDD testing softwares
10. MemTest86+ and other RAM testing softwares
11. Password reset utility
12. Stress test software (I was thinking Prime95 as one)
13. System information
14. Unknown devices software
15. Networking support
16. Product key finder
17. Registry broswer/editor
18. Recovery console for Windows XP
19. Recovery console for Windows Vista
20. Possible recovery console for Windows 7

Anyways, those are the things that I am going to be implementing (or at least trying) into the bootable disc. If you guys have any suggestions at all, please feel free and post here and I will be paying attention to this thread. Even if you want me to add in just a particular registry fix that you know would be a great addition, please post it. As far as those of you who think that posting a file with a bit of malware in it, be aware that I will be scanning everything with many different AV/AS scanners and possibly even looking through it myself, so don't even think of trying to do something like that. If you aren't helping, you are hindering me and I won't have that. Sorry, I just had to say that. Anyways, please let me know what you guys want to see on something like this.

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