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I'm 48, my first pc was a KayPro2, running CPM operating system, it had 2 DSDD 5.25 floppy drives and 64k on memory, I also had a 300 baud manual modem you would flip the switch from off to originate to answer, which ever was the case, if you were originating the call you would pick up the phone, dial the number, when you heard the tone, flip the switch to originate, hang up the phone, hit return a couple of time and tada.

I have been in the computer business for ~20 yrs as a field engineer, DOS 3.0 had just come out when I got my first job in the computer field, building XT's and AT's.

Worked for an ISP in the early days of public dial up internet, the old windows 3.1 days.

Built my first bootable cd shortly after windows 98 was released, had to do it all manually using the el-Torito white sheet specifications, a real pain, shortly after I got it working the feature was added to Adaptec EZ-CD Creator.

Built my first PE disk in 2003, after I discovered the MS Preinstallation kit disk and realized that you have to be able to do a lot more with this, and man was I right, I found and used, Bart's PE builder, and eventually filled up the disk with more working apps that I or anyone really needed, but I became obsessed.

Attended the last three HOPE conventions in NYC with my son, he is 20 now, had a blast, and met a lot of really cool people, I plan on attending the next one as well. At the first one we went to I just had to turn him loose on NYC, what do you do, he was 14, I wanted to attend different seminars, the conference was on three floors of the Hotel, the first, the second, and the top floor, the 22nd floor, I couldn't "babysit" him so, I gave him money and told him I would see him later, all worked out fine.

I have "hacked" into several things using a hexeditor, just minor things to change the visual aspects of the operating system to suit my needs for my bootable disks.

Now I have recently stumbled across at demonoid, first a ISOW disk that had the MRI included into it and then the SOLDIERX version, I now use it daily, it is a FANTASTIC help in my work and thought I wanted to be a part of this group.

So here I am ready to help.