saving MRI logfile original format

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I was debating whether I should post a question before actively contributing something to the scene but my boss is getting on my case about this so I'm hoping you guys understand.

anyhow, my tech repair service uses MRI (F.A.C.E ftw!) and i have been tasked with porting the log file that FACE outputs at the completion of its tasks to a .doc that can be printed off a windows box. For some reason I have not been able to figure this out and I have been wasting to much time on it. the boss specifically wants the FACE version and not the simple text file that is saved on the operating system.

I have grabbed the file itself before rebooting MRI and its a .gsl format. I could not find any info on it in Google. I could not open it on Linux either.

If anyone can spare a few words to point me in the right direction I would be very thankful

thanks for your consideration