stored hash passwrds within the windows xp file system for extraction or social defense

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Hello everyone and I hope a good day,evening,

At the momment I have just rebooted my partition with windows xp sp 2 pro,
Just may I say that I have no programing experience but I do hope maybe that in the futrue that it will come to light, I belive after registry cleaning and compleate cache cleaning all paswrds for the internet browser that the computer still holds the hash passwrds in a file in windows ? what they call a sam file? and I was wondering if anyone within the forum that maybe has a little time and a bit of knowledge in intrusion and cracking files within the windows xp op sys and could possibly tell me how to delete the hash stored paswrds with the file block in the operating system if there is any tool that could get rid of the file that stores these passwrds or how to guard the file or registry folder that they are in within the windows xp system I think that I know that it cannot be deleted because I think that the folderneeds to be able to be re-called at boot for the logon passwrd ?? I have a bio metric fingerprint scanner but it would still let you on to an ordinary log-on screen for default so I have renderd it useless because I guess that it still has again recall the passwrds from the windows file block so if any cracker has maybe a little time and a bit of encentive possible idea,s on how to best be at a step ahead of guarding these passwrds which could be possible stored or anything to stop them being decrypted

i would like to thank all for taking the time to read and also reply to my posts
thankyou very very much it is appreciated guys.