winodws xp hash passwrd folder file for decrypting and hash cracking

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Hello every one
I have a small complicated problem that I would like to ask I have a computer which I can get at physicaly but I have a small problem I cant get the logon passwd admin I have a keylogger but I will only be able to get at the macahine the once but cannot instal the keylogger I have no admin passwrd but could if anyone has any knowledge of thought of if I could maybe copy the folder if I was to get the hard drive and stick it in a external case an extract the folder were the hash passwrds would be ? I think the sam file if I am not correct could someone please tell me the novice that I am were I would find the file that the passwrds would be and extract them by hash passwrd cracker if they are still stored in the machine by copying the folder from which or were abouts are stored in the hard drive I guess that the generalidea is to get the passwrds buy copying the folder or file from which the hash passwrds would be stored within the operating system and decrypt it buy a passwrd cracker to reavel the the passwrds, if you have the general idea, but most of all I would like to thank you all for time and effort of which you all have took to look at the posting which I have put on as wee are all busy and have things to do so everyone thankyou so very very much and I wish all a very good evening be safe be cool, peter

i would like to thank all for taking the time to read and also reply to my posts
thankyou very very much it is appreciated guys.