Freddy's Revenge??

Another week, another rant...

Nightmare on Elm Street is considered a classic entry into the then growing genre of Slasher movies. Unfortunately, like the other slasher films that came before and after it, they made sequel upon sequel to this film. While it's generally agreed that the majority of the Nightmare sequels were complete pieces of shit, there are two that take the proverbial shit cake above the rest.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge was the first sequel to come after the successful first installment, and it turned out to be one of the worst. One of the main problems with this movie is that Freddy actually lets people get away. Yes, you read right people, he lets people get away! That like someone opening the infamous Lament Configuration puzzle box and Pinhead letting them go without some sort of punishment. Seriously, what the fuck. But before I can really go more in depth with why this happens, I'll have to explain what actually happens in this movie.

The movie starts off with another family moving in to the original Nightmare house. The oldest son of the family, Jesse, is the unlucky one to inherit Nancy's old room. Soon after moving in he starts to suffer from nightmares (no shit?) where he is confronted by Freddy who tells Jesse that he will kill for him and use Jesse's body as a host to kill in the real world. Now here is where I start to have problems with this movie. Why the hell does Freddy need to possess anyone in the real world when he can kill in the dream world? I thought that was the entire point to these movies, fall asleep and you die! After his friend, Lisa, finds Nancy's old diary hidden in Jesse's closet he starts to make the connection with the nightmares and the house. After this he fights with his parents and storms out into the night only to run into his prick of a gym teacher. As a punishment for wandering around at night he makes him go back to the gym in the middle of the night and run laps. After the laps he makes him hit the showers and goes into his office where the equipment comes to life and attacks the prick and drags him into the shower where we see someone clawing the shit out of his back. If you thought that it's Freddy and the unfortunate teacher fell asleep, you would be dead fucking wrong. As the steam fades we find Jesse standing there wearing the glove. So as you can guess now, the entire nightmare theme to the movie is out the fucking window as only one person suffers from the nightmares, and even then it's only at the beginning of the movie!! Now while Jesse is playing S&M with his teacher, Lisa uncovers information about Freddy and locates the real world location of his boiler room. Not too long after killing his teacher, Jesse tries to kill his little sister under the influence of Freddy (this sounds a bit too Amityville for me) but comes out of the trance and runs to his friend Grady's house. Jesse begs for him to watch over him while he sleeps and Grady agrees but eventually he falls asleep. He is soon awakened to the image of Freddy tearing his way out of Jesse's stomach where is trapped against the door and impaled by the glove. The camera then pans over to the mirror and you see that it's actually Jesse killing his friend and not Freddy. Jesse then runs off and goes to Lisa's where she's having a pool party. Of course Freddy takes advantage of the situation and attacks the defenseless teens by boiling the water and turning the fence into molten slag with fire shooting everywhere. The cops come and Lisa stops them from killing Jesse who then disappears into a wall of fire. Lisa then runs to the factory and confronts him and tells him to fight Freddy from the inside. Of course the rest of the movie is predictable with Freddy "dying" and everything looking like normal until Freddy pops back up to show that he's not done yet. The end.

Now, here's some of the problems with the movie. First of all, this has the lowest body count of all the Nightmare films with only 2 confirmed dead. We only assume that some of the pool guests die. The fact that Freddy leaves any alive when they were ripe for the slaughter is bullshit. The other problem, and it is the biggest one in my opinion, is the entire premise of Freddy possessing a person to kill in the real world! One of the things we learned from the first movie is that Freddy's powers only work within the confines of the dreamworld. So, how in the hell is he able to make water boil or even make jump ropes come to life when he's supposedly in the real world?! This movie is the worst of all the Nightmare films and deserves to burn in hell for the shit they try and pawn off on us with it. The only good Freddy quote to come from this movie was "You're all my children now." But even that wasn't enough to make it either creepy or good. To quote the Nerd, this movie sucks monkey-fuck. Stay away from it.

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I had to add this little tidbit that show how much this movie fucking blows, Freddy's total on-screen time in the entire movie adds up to only 13 fucking minutes! I will repeat this one more time, STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THIS MOVIE! If you want to watch a proper sequel to the original, skip this and head right to A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors.