Now in Texas.

Well, I got here on the August 6th. So far I'm not used to the heat. Also I don't even have a house yet. I'm staying with friends. Other than that I dunno what to say other than, that the food is fucking awesome. First time I ever ate at a churches chicken my taste buds exploded. I still haven't ate a what'dburger or went to a IMAX theater but it's on my list. Also, the women here are fucking hot as hell. Never had such a extensive selection before. Other than that... Give me a little while more so, that I can get some things setup, then I will have some time to do some work. Other than that, real life takes priority in my life before anything. Also, I wouldn't mind meeting some of you that live down here, so I'm thinking about making a few car trips here soon. So talk to you all later. Tell me what you think.