360 Dashboard Update: More like a downgrade!

Figured I have a brief moment so I should mention this. First, apparently the new 360 Dashboard is chucking stupid ads at people left and right. The dethroning moment of suck in particular is that I actually saw it playing an ad for World of Warcraft, which is NOT a 360 game so that's kind of self defeating. With that in mind.... use http://kotaku.com/5866681/how-to-block-xbox-360s-newest-feature-dashboar... to kill that crap. Now comes the bigger issue.

Apparently, Microsoft has decided to put a no suing clause in the EULA for this version of live. What makes this one worse though is that there is NO opt-out clause. I already know that some members of the SX Crew have vowed to JTAG their consoles as a direct result and vowed to never use live again. If it wasn't for the fact that there isn't a way to JTAG the fat models that have post-2009 firmware I'd probably do the same thing myself.

Between this, the horrible joke of holiday sales, Xbox Live Points NOT going on sale this year, and lame region-locking practices the only way I'll spend money on live is if its one of those $1 for a month of live cause they will lose money by me doing that. Also, I will continue to do that until either live points go on sale or Microsoft gets their head out of their ass, takes a page from Steam's book, and does REAL sales on Live.