Amp Blasts: Apathetic Crew Members

Note: The following writing is Amp's views and opinions.

Well, this is something that I didn't want to write about, but after some realizations I think it would be bad for me not to address this. I've kind of noticed that despite retiring a year ago, I've actually done more work than many members of the SX Crew have. This is something that has me legitimately dismayed given that individuals becoming a part of the crew know that maintaining a spot requires that they regularly contribute content. What really bothered me though is the lack of tutorials on the site lately as it is one of the best opportunities to contribute something unique.

I will be honest and state that I have fallen into the trap of not contributing content to the site at one point. Speaking from experience though, members of the SX Crew should work to stay vigilant in that respect and try to contribute something at least once every couple of days. If crew members cannot commit to contributing to the site, then I do suggest that they at least be honest about it and retire. I know that saying this may legitimately displease some members of this site, but I feel it needs to be said cause I am now at the point where if I have to come out of retirement to prove this point I will.