Amp Blasts: BenOwns

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Today, I write a new column entry not on general stupidity. Instead, I'm writing this blasts post cause of the intentionally malicious actions of another. It isn't often that somebody inspires a special level of bile, but today it has happened. Essentially, BenOwns has shown how much of a piece of garbage he is.

First, he represents the growing community issue that I see where instead of trying to learn and get better with regard to computer security, they expect something for almost nothing. This individual complained about when he would get access to VIP files to an extent where people downvoted him. In addition, it was obvious that his posts showed that he was not willing to act more sociable on the forums, be patient, and not insult RaT. (Which I personally think he did.) That wasn't the worst thing that he did though.

(Note: This paragraph has been revised based on new information.) The biggest issue is this, from what I have saw, he grabbed the files he wanted from VIP. The little turd would end up below -10 on his points though and would beg for another chance even though he should have been banned fair and square for acting like a punk. After he gets what he wants from VIP, he screws us on his donation and makes us take a loss too. As he is apparently an Army punk, I wonder how much of a shitbird he is at his unit and hope he gets his down the road.

Furthermore, this type of crap makes me wonder if we should even continue our software work given the level of abuse that has transpired. The biggest issue we have is that some members don't understand that we are people with real commitments. Also, this site is about learning more with regard to security, not just software. I know RaT has openly stated his dislike the IT aspects of this community who aren't willing to learn. Personally, I'll say that he was being forgiving as personally, anybody who aren't willing to learn should not only leave this site, but should never work in information technology, let alone computers in general as they represent the idiocracy of our community!