Amp Blasts: BenOwns AGAIN!

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I was going to give this just one post and move on, but since he's decided to be a bitch I'm going to call BenOwns out. Apparently he decided on my first blasts post to leave a comment talking smack and act like he has real skills. In addition, he tried to make wild statements saying he has everybody's information. As a result, I'm going to make a quick rebuttal.

If this fat pile of shit was so talented, then explain why the "business site" he has is broken as hell? We go on there and half of the links are dead. Also, there aren't very many people on the forum. For what is supposed to be a business, it just feels like a vanity project designed to boost his unwarranted self importance.

Speaking of which, it is apparent that he got butt-hurt for being called out. I find it odd that he thinks that making wild accusations and statements around cause people are making less than favorable judgements about him is going to help sway the opinions of others. In reality, all he is doing is proving that he is proving that he is a thin-skinned little bitch. With that in mind, my suggestion to the guy is to just shut up cause all he is doing is just making himself look worse with every little thing he says.