Amp Blasts: Best Buy

Ya know, there are times where many people want to be able to get movies, music, games, and some PC hardware. The reality is though that for many people who don't like in major metropolitan areas in the US, the choices are limited with regards to brick and mortar. This would eventually result in the one place to go becoming none other than Best Buy. However, I feel that Best Buy is not only on the way out, but has done a considerable amount of damage with regards to consumer quality with the spectacularly terrible decisions they have made over the years.

First, most of the electronics sold are hardly quality. The two major cable suppliers are Dynex and RocketFish, both owned by Best Buy themselves and typically are very poor quality with an up-marked price tag when compared to similar cables online that reaches astronomical levels of what the fuck. Then there are the low quality PC products that they sell, which includes their 'high end' since most of the laptop models utilize one heatsink pipe for both the GPU and CPU. The biggest what the hell is the extra warranties that they attempt to sale which to me feels dirty since many times there can be loose verbiage to avoid payout once the standard warranty is at an end. Overall, don't bother getting electronics here.

Second, there is the matter of it's video selection, or rather the increasing lack thereof. Now, I am actually of the opinion that they made the right move to reduce the anime footprint cause quite frankly, anime does not make money in this day and age. However, the general selection has become nothing short of abysmal and there is an insistence of pushing the site to store option which barely has any better of a selection and will take a considerable amount of time to arrive. The end result is that for people wanting a good DVD/Blu-Ray selection, go on Amazon or other online vendors.

The biggest issue I have though, is with their Geek Squad. These are a bunch of people who are supposedly smart at tech support and working on electronics, but the reality is that most of them are nothing short of trained monkeys. The majority of these individuals are those who have never really had any legitimate experiences with the bash shell in their lives. Then there is their disregard for people's data and their finances given the high cost of their service. The biggest issue though is their reliance on the MRI utility, something that teaches them to rely upon a piece of software and not worry about actually learning how to provide effective technical support. This nothing short of infuriates me and I nothing short of hate the mere discussion of that utility of SX. For that matter, Geek Squad is the single biggest BS cash grab and given the financial losses Best Buy has suffered, it seems people may be starting to finally wake up.

Overall, Best Buy is nothing short of a joke and it is on the way out. Their selection is crap, their quality is sub-par, and their PC support is total BS. Here at SX, we have had a bit of fun at Best Buy's expense in the past. Most importantly, their finances are a reflection of how all of this has started what may be a terminal decline. As such, it may be time to think about life after MRI.....