Amp Blasts: Bobby Kotick

Disclaimer: The following is a reflection of what Amp's views would be if his nerd-rage was turned up to 11. As such, this writing has been done for entertainment purposes. Enjoy!

Really? Do I need to go into detail on this one? All I have to do is talk about how Starcraft II is being handled by Activision (no LAN capabilities, no Spawn installation, Internet Activation, 2.0 not having chat, splitting the campaigns into separate releases) to prove my point. However, proof has arisen that not only is Bobby Kotick the trademark jerkass of the modern gaming industry, now information about his attempts to squash a sexual harassment accusation against a company he ran ended with the courts ruling against him. More information is available at in what is a rather detailed article. With this recent development, one must wonder if the company training video went a little something like