Amp Blasts: Kinect!

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It's no secret that I play videogames on a regular basis. However, in recent years the whole Motion Control fad in gaming has gotten out of control. This all started with Wii's battery chomping remotes, which get forced upon whoever buys the system. Then Sony decides to ape them and make their own rendition. The one motion control system that I hate the most though is the Kinect.

To me, the Kinect represents the idiocracy of videogames. The overwhelming majority of games that use it are subpar titles at best and the only halfway decent one is actually hindered by requiring a Kinect for the best experience. (Cough, Child of Eden) Furthermore, the Kinect really is not friendly with regard to those who are physically handicapped or have limited mobility. This is only one reason for my strong hatred for this high tech toy.

What really drives me nuts is how people are trying to force it upon others. Instead of seeing good deals for a standard 360, it always comes with a Kinect, pushing the price to a minimum of $250. I would consider getting a 360 slim cause I know that my 360 is a 2007 model and the fact that I haven't had any red ring problems is nothing short of a miracle. However, getting one means I won't find a good deal cause all of the deals include that power wasting accessory. As of this writing, I am inclined to state that the only game I have seen benefit from motion control is Sin and Punishment: Star Successor and that statement shows me that motion control is currently a total crap-shoot.