Amp Blasts: Lazy College Students

Note: Like always, the following is an opinion piece and are Amp's views.

I have made it a point to not really talk about what I have been doing since I left SX, but I figure that I may as well talk about it finally. Since January 2010, I have been going back to school. I will state that my opinion on this is that I should do as well as possible since it isn't exactly cheap to get a college education these days. Unfortunately, I have found plenty of people who do not share this point of view.

(The following is TL;DR territory most likely and is just a rant, so feel free to jump back in when I say that it is done at the bottom of this post.)

In a recent group project for an English class, I had to deal with issues with the apathy of other students with one in particular standing out for having several major dethroning moments of suck. When this group started, it consisted of members from the established peer-editing group. This individual however did not even appear in class again until nine days after this project was assigned. She didn't take the initiative and contact the instructor or anybody in the group despite information about this project being made available online and also being listed in the syllabus. What was particularly perplexing was that she was an Entrepreneurship major which made her lack of initiative rather perplexing.

With what little time was given, I asked for a draft from her to be done in forty-eight hours so that we could try to revise and make it work. I also made it a point to get the OK to do revisions as I felt necessary on the section prior to our presentation. She did the draft, but it did not match uniformly. As a result I asked for revisions to be done to make her section more uniform with the rest of the site and she said OK. However, the next class period she didn't do any work on her section and made an excuse as to why it was not completed which was legitimately upsetting so I asked for a revised version to be put up by midnight the next day so I can revise it for the presentation.

When midnight rolled by, she didn't do any revisions on her section again so I made the difficult decision by intervening and revising her section myself. Upon opening the section though, what I saw was a poorly written paper with sentence fragments, ramblings about "being your own boss," information that did not contribute to the goals of the site, and enough uses of the word "you" to make it feel like I was reading the lyrics sheet to a Soulja Boy song. In short, her section did not meet the assignment at all and was at a point where I had to re-write a large portion of it myself as I already had blessing to revise as necessary. What I saw the next day in particular though was particularly pathetic.

When she arrived at class shortly before the presentation and looked at the website, it was painfully obvious that she never had any intent to do any revisions as she never saw the revisions I did until that point in time. After that, she got mad saying that her section was good, even though I had some people who also had done Entrepreneurship courses at this university say that they would fail this writing in a heartbeat. She tried to say it was her section, but then I said that she gave me the blessing to do final revisions as I felt were necessary and to not even start any crap. After that, she shut up and ran with it, probably knowing that she had no ground to stand on.

The fact that this bitch is going to get a passing grade, despite not getting the job done, is nothing short of infuriating. Furthermore, she's supposed to be a Entrepreneurship major, which means being in the business world. Being gone for unexplained reasons and suddenly reappearing with no explanation doesn't fucking fly in the business world regardless of what job it is. For that matter, it is my hope that she does not get admitted to the business college as she doesn't deserve to be a Entrepreneurship major after displaying that she has no fucking concept of leadership, work ethic, or common sense. Most of all, her attempt to get mouthy when somebody revises the section after she failed to do so herself when she said she would and then trying to defend her section is a prime example of psycho bitch logic at work. She didn't do her work, and that act alone is borderline academic dishonesty according to our student code. As a result, it is my hope that either she gets her head out of her ass cause if she doesn't, then there's a good chance that she may asphyxiate on the huge pile of shit that she is obviously full of.

(The TL;DR section wraps up here)

This has me at the point where I have no sympathy for slackers who don't meet assignment deadlines cause they had to do a keg-stand the night before. Real money is being spent on lazy shitheads going to college who are blowing off classes. It pisses me off even more when I have to put up with their shit in any type of group assignment. If they aren't going to try to learn, then they need to get the fuck out of college immediately.