Amp Blasts: Nvidia drivers

When it comes to playing PC games, I cannot stand using Windows 7. I mentioned in an earlier post how Driver Enforcement has made using some of my hardware unusable on that operating system. There is also the issue that Windows 7 is slower due to how poorly made it was. However, it is the standard that everybody uses now and it has also caused for some new problems.

In 2011, Nvidia stopped making drivers for their mobile GPUs on Windows XP. This created a huge issue for me as many of the optimizations they have done in newer drivers I cannot utilize now. What makes this worse is that all programs that can detect driver versions constantly bitch at me about not having the newest drivers when I actually have the very last drivers they will make for mobile GPUs. I've just about had it with how backwards people are acting.

Nvidia needs to give its mobile XP users a viable solution, cause some of us will never use Windows 7 due to how shitty it is. I know Windows 8 is on the horizon and after having a change to use it I will most likely only use it via its thumbdrive option as my experiences with it have been less than stellar. As support for XP isn't completely discontinued yet from Microsoft, Nvidia needs to get their head out of their ass about their broken logic as they are STILL making solutions for their desktop counterparts which is completely disingenuous.