Amp Blasts: People obsessed with high end PCs

This has been something that has been brewing for a while, but RaT kind of brought this rage to the forefront. It is no secret that I don't have much of any disposable income. However, there are some people who fail to take this into consideration. In particular, people keep bugging me about upgrading my PC hardware.

I know that my desktop is old, but for what I do it works as there is only one game I cannot play on it that is of interest. However, from what I've seen most of the people I know in the crew use SLI which I think is complete overkill. Also, the most intensive program I run on my desktop is to playback Blu-Ray discs, which my Geforce 9600GT is more than capable of doing. The honest reality is that while modern PCs and MACs are indeed faster than what I have, it is an unnecessary expense that I cannot justify since I don't do high end gaming.

The biggest thing that does upset me though are some of the Mac fanboys in particular. They constantly keep bitching that I should go Mac cause it is better. While Mac OS X is superior OS by leaps and bounds, the truth is that I have a difficult time justifying that expense. In addition, I have some concerns about their cooling as the running temperatures tend to be higher than I am comfortable with. (I will state in the interest of full disclosure that I do consider going over 80 degrees Celsius for gaming to be extreme, when that is actually the norm in many respects so my viewpoint on this may be too extreme on that one.) There is also the fact that many of their desktop solutions are not very upgradable, and before anybody says Thunderbolt can do it I should point out that it would cost MORE money to use that due to the fact that a case, a thunderbolt cable, and the videocard would have to be purchased, which in my opinion work against the all in one solution they are pushing their products as.

For people who wanna complain about my hardware, here's a simple guideline. If you don't like the fact that I use older hardware that still works, then send me better hardware. If you just want to complain without giving me a viable solution then I suggest shutting the hell up about it. I have more expenses to figure out like finding a stress-free location to live that won't rape my wallet.