Amp Blasts: People who cannot take criticism

Disclaimer: The following posts expresses Amp's views and opinions with the nerd rage intentionally turned up to 11 for humor based reasons and not of any other members of SX. As always, this post is covered by the SX usage policy.

Yesterday, I decided to take the piss out of some people for not being able to handle somebody who disagrees with them about Steam. More recently, I have seen individuals try to blindly talk smack at people because they decide to use a product yet the moment they are taken to task for their actions, they incoherently rage without justification. One of the reasons why I started Amp Blasts was partially to make fun of this type of rage, while at the same time showing a difference cause I try to point out some inconvenient facts about different things. At the same time, I keep seeing people who are unable to take any criticism whatsoever without going berserk and people saying that they should be handled with kid gloves. This shit nothing short of fucking pisses me off and after seeing this with some alumni of our very own crew, I have had enough.

The basic reality is this, if somebody are criticized in a legitimate and tactful manner, but still feel inclined to show unstable and angry reactions to it, then THEY are in the wrong. I've been guilty of falling into this trap a few times, but I learned my fucking lesson and saw to take criticism for what it is and when I disagree I try to state WHY I disagree. However, there are other people who RaT has stated would go off the deep end and cause harm to others when somebody is critical of them. This is the type of individual that I don't want as a part of the SX Crew and I sincerely hope that I am not alone in this opinion.

The biggest issue I have though is when others try to change the topic to some other situation to dodge the fact that they are being held accountable for their actions. This to me shows that they are unwilling and/or unable to handle having to be held accountable. The basic reality is this though, being a grown-ass man requires being able to be held accountable for both successes and failures. Not being able to handle this just makes somebody look like a total fucking douche-nozzle who isn't mature enough to be treated like a fucking adult. I understand that sometimes people fall short in this respect and that's normal as I have fallen short myself, but the people who do this as a regular behavior don't deserve any respect whatsoever.