Amp Blasts: RaT

Disclaimer: This post is not only protected by our usage policy, I wish to give the additional warning that this particular blasts post is pure comedy. Most of what is said on here is to be taken as comedy and is untrue.

I am in the home stretch of the blasts posts essentially. With that in mind, I figure why not give my boss a good blast or two. Now, RaT's work has become rather legendary over the years and pretty much has been shown as being beyond reproach. However, did many of you know that RaT has a cocklust for Apple products?

Seriously, he owns more Mac based products than anybody I know. The reality is though that in the late 2000s, he was recruited by Steve Jobs to harvest organs for him in the hope that one day, Jobs could continue living. The end result of this planned project was going to be the creation of Mecha-Jobs, a man who could forever make new products for Apple. However, Jobs decided to end this project after finding out that some of the organs were taken from Orphans from China by one of the other people working on this project, which horrified him beyond belief that they would use 'such cheap organs.'

Also, there are plenty of rumors of where RaT hails from. Well, I'm going to spill the beans on this and states he lives out in Montana. Seriously, its probably the perfect place to hide as nobody that we know thinks of anybody who has any involvement with this stuff coming from that state. Now that I've revealed that, I think I should hide for a while so that RaT doesn't try to relieve me of one of my kidneys. (*Gets in a car and drives to an undisclosed location.*)

With the "blasts post" done, I do wish to say something outside of the regular blasts post. When I started with SX back in 2000, the first person I met with from the crew was RaT himself. Originally, I was just going to work with some flash intros, but over time I became rather deeply involved with the crew. Also, it was thanks to my work with SX that I have received far more opportunities than I would have otherwise. While we don't always see eye to eye, RaT is a real friend and I do thank him.