Amp Blasts: The Six Strikes Policy

Well, after years of misunderstanding how to utilize the internet so that rather than worry about piracy, they could make more money by using it as a tool to better serve potential customers, it seems that some companies finally got their way. The whining, moaning, bitching, and complaining done by the MPAA, RIAA, and numerous other entertainment companies now has us facing an imminent threat to our own security and privacy. There are many murmurs that at some point this month, the six strikes policy will go into effect with five of the largest ISPs. The truth of the matter though is that we need to show them that we won't tolerate this.

The basic fact of the matter is that the six strikes policy is broken as all hell. The truth is that some people will be deterred from using torrents to keep from being flagged. However, the MarkMonitor system used did falsely flag HBO's website for copyright infringement even though the content posted on the site was for its own shows. In light of this, I think that there will be some major instances of false flagging unless major improvements are made to the software.

What is of greater concern is the increasing loss of privacy. At what point did we agree to give ISPs the right to snoop to what we are using the internet for? Personally, I don't ever remember doing so and if they want to be little nibshits maybe I should start downloading goatse on an hourly basis so that if they do snoop they'll get the shock of their life! However, we need to make a statement to them that says we don't like being snooped on.

Personally, my statement is that I have decided to switch to a tunnel connection. In the interest of full disclosure, I will mention that many members within the SX Crew have given Tunnelr their blessing. Personally, I am in no position to give anybody my own blessing quite yet until I am able to look into all options for the best solution, but they appear to be a good start. Regardless, I encourage people to use a tunnel connection regardless of if it is SSN, PPTP, or VPN so that when people try to snoop, they'll get a middle finger in the form of your data being encrypted.