Amp Blasts: Valve Corporation

Disclaimer: Like always, these are only Amp's views turned up to 11 on nerd rage for humorous intent and is covered by the SX usage policy.

This may very well be a divisive matter since there are plenty of Steam fanboys. For that matter, Valve has done numerous high quality games. However, some recent evidence has come to light that now has me saying that I have had enough. Today, its time that Valve's decisions be taken to task appropriately.

Let's start with the Steam platform itself. Yes, I will mention upfront that it is better than other services, but the truth is that it is STILL DRM. In addition, the offline mode for Steam is a completely senseless in the fact that you have to log into Steam first then switch it to offline mode so if the internet goes out and stays out for an extended period forget about playing anything unless you were able to switch it over in time. Then there is the matter of their browser, which on older versions used the Trident engine which in reality is the bloated piece of shit that is Internet Explorer with new versions apparently using WebKit to make Steam cross-platform. Too bad their implementation is bloated as all shit cause when a steam account has over 50 games the memory it takes is over 200 megs of RAM, even if the store tab isn't used.

The truth of the matter is that the only thing that Steam has really going for it are the insane deals it has as it makes accessing the games bought more difficult than how it used to be. Back in the day all we had to do was double-click an icon and the game came up. With steam you have to launch steam, then go to the library, then launch the game. Hell, if you do opt for an icon shortcut it checks for steam (and opens it if it isn't running) then starts the game, making it take notably longer to launch. Hell, when a game is launched for the first time, a senseless check for DirectX is done that has ZERO purpose, particularly for games that don't utilize that API. The design of this needs to be change to make it not as counter-intuitive. However, it wasn't this matter that angered me enough to decide to blast them, it was their piss poor Mac OS X ports!

By now it is well known that the ports done for Mac were lesser in both image quality and performance. However, when porting Left 4 Dead 2 to Linux, it was announced on that they were able to make it run faster in Linux than in Windows. If this was due to the team having improved over time with OpenGL and Unix-based systems then I could be a bit more understandable about it. The reality is though that from what I've seen in the comments section it is apparent that the team behind porting to Mac OS X did a half-ass job at it and for some inane reason Valve cares more about Linux than Mac. Here's a basic reality, putting games on Linux historically does not make money and ID Software themselves recently said this. If they wanted more money they should pull their head out of their ass and do the same methodologies for Mac that they are using for Linux.

Which brings me to the Steam fanboys themselves. When somebody points out the shortcomings of Steam online, instead of giving a worthwhile response, their butthurt reaches critical mass. Eventually they reach the point where they reach total meltdown, lose all common sense, and decide to rage on the poster going "OMG U A NOOB STEAM IS TEH HOTN3$$!!! U SUK @ LIFF GO KIL URSELF." The horrible reality of somebody who doesn't like Steam renders them incapable of speaking basic English, let alone practicing logic and common sense, on the forums along with showing them for the retards that they are. These are the people who I don't want to represent gaming cause they are the ass-clowns who push away potential gamers who could help improve the gaming community with the end result being that the so called "master race" of gaming is starting to dwindle down to where it may consist of only chronic masturbators!