Amp Blasts: The Wii Goldeneye Remake

This is guaranteed to anger people, but to me Goldeneye represents a vastly overrated game. Everybody has tried to say that it was groundbreaking for it's multiplayer, for it's graphics, and the music. The reality though is that IT WASN'T. If anything the low framerate of the game is rather piss poor, the multiplayer just showed that as being worse not to mention the poor reaction time, and the soundtrack actually feels like a step backwards in quality when compared to the MIDI fanfare in Doom! The fact that people try to name it as ground breaking also shows a lack of knowledge in FPS games as long before it there was Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D (more like 2.5D, but still it was more fun), and even Wolfenstein that did a better job for their respective eras. The reality was that Goldeneye got lucky.

Now with the announcement of a Wii remake, I'm convinced that their luck will run out. Only a select few levels from the original game will be in this, the game is not going to be done by Rare, and most of all it will be using Daniel Craig and not Pierce Brosnan for James Bond. The only thing that would make this work is if the online multiplayer is nothing short of great and what has been confirmed makes that look unlikely. Putting in XP progression and unlockables into multiplayer FPS games is an annoying concept to add play time at best. Grinding for XP is something for RPGs, and honestly even there I don't like it. FPS games need to stop that crap and fast cause all it does is annoy older FPS fans. Honestly, if they would have done this at the launch of the Wii it would have had a better chance at success, but now I honestly don't think this will do very well when compared to modern FPS games such as Valve's creations.