Ok, since I talked about wanting to do something unique and different, I figure I should openly mention this disagreement. Recently while discussing the plans for a video related project RaT was trying to push upon me the idea of us using some so-called 'experimental' hip hop act. Personally, I was not impressed by it and gave it the thumbs down, but RaT tried to wear me down about it (something he should stop trying cause it simply doesn't work in case he hasn't figured it out) which really got annoying. Simple as this, one of the things I don't like when it comes to some online works are overtly long intros or songs that cheapen the experience. (The best example is The Spoony Experiment which I love, but I cannot stand the theme song they use at all and skip the intro completely.)

With this in mind, I have grown sick of the fact that people try to push the pathetic joke that is modern rap on me when it's just nursery rhymes set to some garbage, bland, bass heavy sample. I know that some people do try to escape the formula, but the sad reality is that it doesn't work!