Defcon or Bust

Edit: I have updated prices to this when possible.

After a bit of a delay I am going to try to get some recommendations on this one. The fact of the matter is this, I have been a part of SX since April 2000 and having recently turned thirty, I have to admit that I am not getting any younger. Also, this summer may be the last, best opportunity for me to do something special as I am at the point where some of my commitments outside of the site are becoming more involved. (This can be a bad thing sometimes, but in this case it has actually helped me expand my knowledge immensely.) With that in mind, I think this may be my best chance to attend Defcon, but there is one thing that may stop it.

The reality is that I don't have much of any money as I am currently in the midst of getting a higher education. As a result, I have been looking at the logistics of attending Defcon and how much it would cost to see how I could possibly make this happen one last time. From this here is what I have seen in costs:

Transportation: $380
Lodging: $300
Defcon Pass: $180

Now the honest reality is that I expected to exceed $1,000 as that was the figure the last couple of years. This year however I have been much more fortunate with regards to my planning and pragmatism. At the same time though, this is a considerable amount of money for a full-time student so any help on ideas with how to minimize the financial burden of this trip would be appreciated.