Eclipse and Java: Using the Debugger

Before I proceed with my planned entry, I figure I should apologize for my recent absence. As RaT and some of the other SX members will mention, since the start of 2010 I have been going to school full-time with very short summer breaks. Hopefully though I can contribute something on a weekly basis even if it is something short.

Now that I have that out of the way, I was recently given some stuff to work with when it comes to the Java programming language that I feel is very useful. First, I found a seven part series on Debugging Java code using the Eclipse IDE that while it is a bit slow and does overall clock at 95 minutes, it's worth taking a look. The first ten minutes of lesson one can be found on for those who may have some interest. (Please do note that this was made in 2007, and while it still can be applied, don't be too alarmed if you see some little differences since Eclipse has been regularly updated in the last few years.)

Second, I recently found a short, but effective guide on handling code conventions for the Java Programming Language that came from Sun Microsystems themselves. This can be looked at via and can be helpful for those wishing to make their code easier to read in general.