Multimedia stereotypes related to computer programming that need to go away

Recently with the talk of us planning out possible videowork, I figure I should talk about the stereotyping that the common user may have and why I strongly dislike it.

- People thinking that we're gonna do stuff based on The Matrix. (Personally, I thought the first film was only DECENT at best and the sequels were terrible.)
- People expecting us to be like the character J.P. from Grandma's Boy (Which as I've stated before is to me one of the worst films made this decade.)
- People expecting things to be ran like G4TV's Attack of the Show or X-Play. (We aren't television personalities or a trained monkey reading off teleprompters.)

Unlike alot of media based upon technology, when SX has done something usually I have tried to give it some basis with what was going on in the real world and at the same it for it to follow it's own path. It was this viewpoint that actually caused a major disagreement between myself and RaT to the point where a sequel to the flash animation 'The Wired*' never happened. (Maybe someday I'll talk about the 3 part followup series I had in mind that were codenamed 'Inception', 'Desecration', and 'Salvation or Annihilation' which RaT strongly opposed when I came up with it due to the very bleak, but in my opinion the honest tone it took in relation to the first work.) However, with how modern technology coverage is handled I've seen that he has started to follow the same mindset.

*Note: Since there were recent talks about this, I should mention openly that I do not have the original project files to 'The Wired' flash intro from 2000. Furthermore, due to it's usage of copyrighted material it may not be possible to put it on a public host without it drawing fire for DMCA violations so I cannot give the thumbs up for it to be put back online at this point in time. However, it may make a surprise appearence in one form or another someday......