None too pleased

Ok, after the events of the last 3 months, I'm fucking done being nice. Lately several people in the community think I should drop everything for them, then at the same time disrespect me by either blowing me off or simply keeping me out of the loop repeatedly. What's worse is that I'm seeing Azrael putting out worthwhile reviews left and right on here and they go mostly unnoticed cause it's not called 'actual site content' by some people. The one thing though that has pissed me off the most is that some people here want to act like I'm the bad guy cause I don't like how things have been. Well, between my commitment to the Marine Corps and going back to college I am not in the mood for any bullshit. Originally I was supposed to start doing videos with Azrael which would go on the site, but since they would go unnoticed if we do anything it will be posted elsewhere.