Overrated Companies 1: Vivid Entertainment and Wicked Pictures

I know what I'm going to say will piss somebody off, but it seems like whenever any network (Of note being G4, which in the last 2 years has become a bad Spike TV wannabe) covers any event related to the adult entertainment industry they always veer towards Vivid and Wicked's booth in an attempt to make porn look more classy. Personally, I can't stand it anymore cause the reality is that most of the films coming from these two companies are overpriced, overrated, overhyped films that would be the standard late night Cinemax fanfare if it was from anybody else.

Seriously, there's a reason that these films don't appear on pornotube and it's streaming video bretheren. THEY ALL SUCK AND THERE IS NO DEMAND FOR BS FLUFF! With that in mind, I don't care how high the production values are, you can't polish a turd and in my opinion both of these companies need to get over themselves.